Hey folks, we got a new sponsor, Atomic Buzzard. They design and sell really cool t-shirts. They are helping us out with some t-shirt and album art.

Check out and like their FB page:https://www.facebook.com/AtomicBuzzard.



July 18, 2013 @04:18 pm Hey bastards! It's almost 4:20 and sweet leaf is blaring as high as it will go! When will you folks be back home in Hot-lanta? Next time you bastards are back home, a round if pints are on me! Mark James lauder
May 09, 2013 @10:23 pm We need you guys in Colorado again. Starting to get the shakes and going through withdraws. Listening on my iPod is just like methadone, you get a taste but still nothing like the real deal Jeremey

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