Punk is not dead.  I keep thinking it might be.  I travel the country in a punk band and although we have many fans few are "actual" punks.  Now by that i mean few are spiky haired mo hawk patch-pants traditional punks.  We might not be political or angry and our singer might be one of the few punks to ever have a good voice but we are defiantly punk to the bone.  There might be many skewed definitions of what punk is today but i know in my heart you gotta be fast and you gotta do whatever you want both musically and in lifestyle.  Well we definitely have that going for us.  We play lots of styles of music.  We play what we want to.  We've talked with labels and they want a more uniform music style.  Pick just irish, or reggae, or punk they say.  We don't because we like every style of music that we play and so do our fans and those are the two things we really care about. I have a 160 gig ipod.  I have about twelve thousand songs and i think two to three hundred are punk or punk ska.  The rest is ever other type of music known to man from Bjork to Mozart to classic rock. It doesn't matter though when it's on shuffle and a roaring punk guitar starts out and some pissed off fast singing psycho comes on it makes my whole day.  A little dirty fast ska guitar starts and my troubles get lost in the sonic baptism of real life kids playing real life songs.  That's another thing i always love about punk or ska, it seems the lyrics are some of the only lyrics in musicdom that are about real topics.  I mean i get that love and heartbreak are "real"  but i'm talking about lyrics about playing in the creek when you were a kid or dealing with parents divorce or suicide.  I heard lyrics when i was a kid that said "i was fighting the mold in the bowl with my pee when a thought popped into my brain.."  Every person with a dick knows what that means yet only a punk band would write something about it.  Humor is another constant even in the more hardcore punk lyrics and as buck from toasters told me once "you can't fake humor".  So some bands might not think we're punk at all, most of our fans might not even like Operation ivy, Chocking victim or the Casualties.  But our fans are real.  They go to work, eat sleep and fuck like regular people, and when the Bastards come to town they blow off steam in the way real people know how-drink shots and beers grab your sweetie and get in the pit!  That proves to me that punk isn't dead and to quote Lars fredrickson "as long as some kid plugs in a guitar and cranks up the distortion punk will always be around"


November 02, 2012 @10:22 pm I would like a good ska or punk recommendation from you. as I have not really owned a ska or true punk CD. interested to hear what inspires you. on another note... 100% agree that you do not have to pick a uniform sound. fuck that! the bastard suns CD is my road trip therapy track! not knocking any other artist but take jack johnson for example...awesome songs. perfect for camping but the whole cd is set with the same over and over. after bout 3 songs I switch it out and push in some bastard suns cuz I like the "mix". I will never forget what made me fall in love with your band - discovered at jack rabbits, hugged up against the amp reflecting two 250+ dudes moshing next to me thinking how fucking stoked I am, that one song goes from irish holding up a beer swaying back and forth to fist punch your face to reggae...matter of minutes you get a taste of emotions and memories that are attached to each individual genre. that's why I love you guys! keep on keepin on! Jyates
August 31, 2012 @04:26 pm <3 u€ missmagichands
August 03, 2012 @12:36 pm Punk isn't a hair style a patch collection or look. It's a mentality. Fuck the world. Save the world. Have a cause. Be involved. Think globally act locally. Punk is being yourself. Turn up the amps and let it flow. Johnny
August 03, 2012 @12:27 pm Fuck yea Jay Tea! Couldn't have said it better myself. Joe
August 03, 2012 @11:56 am Good stuff Jay Tea. James Mc

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